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For the real life X-44 Manta on Wikipedia, see Lockheed Martin X-44 MANTA.
"Never underestimate a chunky F-22."
Erusean soldier

The Lockheed Martin X-44 MANTA or X-44 Manta (Multi-Axis No-Tail Aircraft) is an Osean experimental aircraft design by Lockheed Martin and Wernher and Noah Enterprises that has been studied by NASA and the Osean Air Defense Force. It was intended to test the feasibility of full yaw, pitch and roll authority without tailplanes (horizontal or vertical). Attitude control relies purely on 3D thrust vectoring. The aircraft design was derived from the F-22A Raptor and featured a stretched delta wing without tail surfaces.

Design and Development[]

The X-44 was designed by Lockheed Martin and Wernher and Noah Enterprises to demonstrate the feasibility of an aircraft controlled by vectored thrust alone. The X-44 design had a reduced radar signature (due to lack of tail and vertical stabilizers) and was made more efficient by eliminating the tail and rudder surfaces, and instead using thrust vectors to provide yaw, pitch and roll control.

The X-44 MANTA design was based on the F-22A, except without a tail and incorporating a full delta wing. The X-44 MANTA would have a greater fuel capacity than the F-22A, due to its larger delta wing design. The MANTA was designed to have reduced mechanical complexity, increased fuel efficiency and greater agility. The X-44 MANTA combined the control and propulsion systems, using thrust vectoring.

The X-44 Manta carries weapons internally for the sake of stealth, but can also carries weapons externally when stealth is not required. The aircraft is limited use in the OADF due to its high production cost and other OADF aircrafts can do almost the same capacity with less cost such as the F-35C Lightning II and the F-22A Raptor.



  • 2x 30mm cannon


  • AIM-9 Sidewinder

Air-to-Air Weapons:[]

  • SAAM (AIM-7 Sparrow)
  • HPAA (AIM-9X Sidewinder)
  • QAAM (AIM-9X Sidewinder)
  • 4AAM (AIM-120 AMRAAM)
  • 6AAM (AIM-120 AMRAAM)

Air-to-Ground Weapons:[]

  • SOD (AGM-154 JSOW)
  • GPB (GBU-16 Paveway II)
  • UGBM (Mk.82 Snakeye)
  • UGBL (Mk.84)
  • LASM (AGM-84 Harpoon)
  • LAGM (AGM-88 HARM)
  • XSDB (GBU-53/B Stormbreaker)
  • BDSP
  • SFFS (CBU-87)
  • 4AGM (AGM-65 Maverick)
  • 8AGM (AGM-179 JAGM)
  • LACM (AGM-158 JASSM)

Multi-Purpose Weapons:[]

  • MGP (GPU-5/A)
  • MSTM (AIM-9 Sidewinder)


  • 3x Flares


  1. Osea: Air Superiority Gray
  2. Erusea: Blue and green camouflage
  3. Special: Ferris camouflage
  4. Proteus: "Proteus" paint scheme from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
  5. Aries: Standard Osea skin with Aries theme on vertical stabilizer


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