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The X-50 was a concept and later mass-produced multi-role aircraft, slowly developed and refined over several years, with the intention of being given to SARF pilots. The fighter was named in honor of the man who brought Nemo literally back from death. Nemo, Lauren and Rena spearheaded the project. Taking some basic frame designs from the XFA-27, adding a prototype COFFIN v4 system not too different from the NightRaven's, and including an unknown feature labeled 'Operator Support' the planes were all built in secret.

These new displays of power were gifted to UPEO by the mysterious, enigmatic Violet Company, to be used by SARF pilots in their patrols over Usea after the Corporate War ended.

The 'Operator Support' was a special system embedded in the COFFIN technology that linked the craft's pilot by consciousness to their AWACS or support staff on the ground. This boosted the performance of the COFFIN system by allowing synchronization of more than one person to aid in flight.


  • Nemo Foulke Hirose (UPEOSARF)
  • Rena Hirose (UPEO/SARF)
  • Lauren Foulke (UPEO/SARF)
  • Kurisu Yakumo (GAF)


  • Speed: 96
  • Air-to-Air: 99
  • Air-to-Ground: 90
  • Mobility: 80
  • Stability: 75
  • Defense: 85


  • Pulse Laser Cannon (200 rounds)
  • 30mm nose-mounted Cannon (800 rounds)
  • MSSL (99)
  • QAAM (30)
  • FAEB (20)


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