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The XB-0X Harass-fail-grrr, also known as the 'Winged XBOX', is a Bakan-built prototype heavy command cruiser that doubles as an entertainment system. A product of Project Pendejo, it was stolen by A World With More Boundaries.


The Harass-fail-grrr was one of the main products of Project Pendejo, a Bakan development program in 1985, spearheaded by the South Bakan Computer Entertainment (A divison of the South Bakan Munitions Factory). Construction began on an airfield in Mount Shrimp, where it was housed in XBOX 360 packaging. Along with Excalipoor, it's development continued during the economic crisis (though the developers were playing FAUX on it instead). The Harass-fail-grrr was still being used by the developers to play FAUX, though it didn't see action during the Bakan War. On June 1995, prior to the Pooh-men piss treaty, troops from AWWMB stole the XB-0X with help from rebel Bakan forces.

On Christmas, the organization used the Harass-fail-grrr to attack Pooh-men and reveal themselves to the world (promoting the XB-0X in a game show). After the raid, they paid a visit to Duh-lice Air Base in Udontno and bombed the hell out of it. Though the base suffered no damage (the XB-0X crew were so immersed in FAUX they thought they bombed it for real), Cyfer and DJ (Garm Team) took off in pursuit into the Baldfreak Mountains.

While DJ mixed the background music, Cyfer knocked out its sound systems one by one, even managing to make the Es-prada Squadron crash into each other (they laughed so hard at Cyfer, they didn't see where they went). Heavily damaged, Cyfer went for the cockpit and killed the players inside, causing it to crash into Narth (though it was probably the crew who ragequitted because of the Red Ring of Death). Slave Wing Poxy somehow took off just before the XB-0X crashed, sending a message to Cyfer: "Yo Buddy, you dead yet?"


The Harass-fail-grrr is a large heavy command cruiser shrunk to the size of an XBOX 360, it is propelled by numerous game engines. The XB-0X 360 also has more robust physics engines, resulting in higher speeds. The only drawback is that it starts to slow down as it nears its maximum speed. Maybe the Devs need to install bigger RAM.

XB-0X 360 'No Scope'[]

Due to the surging popularity of MLG, kickstarted by montages of Isean Call of Doo-doo Poor: Modern Shitstorm players ragequitting after getting no-scoped by Yucktobanian gamers (Cyka Blyat!), the Devs (now working for Blunder Industries) decide to splash out on the latest of gaming technology to create this colossal frankenstein. With crystal clear surround sound and 4K graphics, it can cloak itself, rivalling the Lamesathian DOS, and pop the eardrums of anyone who dares to attack it with super-loud REKT missiles. After a night of binge drinking, the Devs drunkenly ended up selling the only prototype to Lorenz Ryedie, who offered it to an unspecified nation. There's no telling to what they'll do with it...