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The XB-1000X Warhammer was a massive spaceplane designed by the Oseans in the 1980s as an orbital bomber, albeit the government only reluctantly gave the military funds to build it, as it would cost fifty-billion dollars (A seventh of the XB-1000X's total cost) just to modify enough bombs for the aircraft to use (all existing MIRVs were mounted on ICBMs). When the funds for this project were reallocated to other programs after the Belkan War in 1995, its design was used as a basis for the Arkbird.

Rebirth (2010)[]

Although cancelled, the Gray Men found the design and realized it would be perfect for their goals and so decided it should be built. The aircraft would later be built in secret by the Gray Men during the Circum-Pacific War, with some modifications to the design of course. For one, it was built mostly of titanium and carbon fiber, making it a stealth aircraft if you take its shape into account, albeit it still had a huge problem with a heat signature (this would be its undoing in 2017); canards were also added to add extra control in the atmosphere. It was also modified to have multiple TLS turrets and to be able to carry and launch both MWBMs and could even carry and launch MIRV ICBMs, turning it into, in the words of Erik Felsen, "a flying missile silo". It was completed mere hours before the attack on Sudentor, and after being fueled, the aircraft was immediately flown out of Sudentor flown by "Schenze" as well as serving as an escort for the ADFXC-05 Gewalt flown by Galaan Scharfefaust. Due to its speed and the materials it was made from, it and the Gewalt were undetected as it escaped. The Warhammer would serve as one of Scharfefaust's headquarters until it was requisitioned by the Belkan Air Force and then commandeered by the Reborn Knights of Belka.

Project Distant Thunder[]

Deployment and Destruction (2017)[]

The Warhammer's service under the Reborn Knights of Belka, while brief, was nevertheless truely awe-inspiring. On its first sortie, it decimated an entire Fatotian army division. Two weeks later, it destroyed a third of Oured with a burst missile attack, but was hit by a SAM that forced it to remain in the atmosphere on auxiliary engines. This made it vulnerable, and so it was attacked by the "Ghosts of Razgriz" Air Command Squadron and the 118th TFS "Mobius". It was stripped of its defenses one by one, and finally a missile fired by Blaze, the Razgriz Flight Lead, slammed into the bomber, breaking it in half and causing it to plummet into the slopes of Mount Schirm in North Belka. Blaze was known to have commented on the death throws of the Warhammer:

"In everything but the name, the Warhammer was essentially the Arkbird only built specifically as a weapon. I can still remember that scene, the sounds of ordinance exploding and the shriek of tearing metal seemed to mingle together in a way that resembled a wounded bird in agony as it slowly perished. Kei was crying afterwards, and I couldn't blame her; it was all she had left of her father, even if it was intended to be a weapon of war..."

-"Blaze", a.k.a "Razgriz 1"

Second Revival (2048-)[]

After the Belkan Waldreich came to power under Galaan Scharfefaust, the Stahlerne Luft's Uberluftmarschall Arrik "Alpha" Felsen authorized a massive arms build-up to build a new "Special Air Division". The first unit was the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron, a fighter squadron named for his predecessor's squadron. The Special Air Division was in truth meant to operate several specialized aircraft and spacecraft, including the following:

One of these, the XB-10E, was essentially a modernized production variant of the XB-1000X; in paying homage to the original design, the first of the twelve XB-10Es built by General Resource was christened the SLR Warhammer (SLR means Stahlerne Luft Raumflotte, or "Steel Air Space Fleet"). None of these bombers weren't deployed till the end of the war, but by then, all twelve XB-10Es, the ADFXC-05 Gewalt, an entire wing of thirty-two ADF-02AX Star Falkens and the SLR Leviathan were ready to be deployed and could be used all at once.