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Full name



Musical speaker


XB-1 Big plane


Estimated 6 mi.

Reload time

5 minutes, buffering not factored in.


One musical piece

The XB-1 Big plane was a plane created by a randomer within the Republic of Wielvakia.


A randomer, one golden summer in adolesence, picked up a copy of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. Upon spamming QAAM's, getting angry at the lack of killstreaks, and hot-bloodedly cursing at the ace squadrons, said randomer finally achieved The Talon of Ruin. Upon seeing the Hresvelgr for the first time, they decided to hit it up with QAAMs. Espada 2 shot him down. Upon seeing the Hrevelgr for the second time, he decided to deal with Espada first.

Upon seeing Hresvelgr for the third time, he almost managed to kill the Hresvelgr, having already beaten the Espada.

Upon seeing the Hresvelgr for the fourth time, he somehow managed fo finish it. Then Eagle Eye told him to shoot at the cockpit.

Upon seeing the Hresvelgr for the fifth time, he did it all. Then the unthinkable happened. When he went to the next level, he was shot down by Wizard squadron. He had neglected to save his progress.

Upon seeing Hresvelgr for the sixth time, he soon began to ask how something like that could get the better of him, what with his FIFTEEN whole missions of experience and his aircraft of choice (an F-1). He thought that the Hresvelgr would be a formidable weapon, one that he could use to crush his enemies (ironically, the Mt. Schirm branch of Project Pendragon).

The randomer decided to build a Hresvelgr out of his bare hands.

Six trips to the local home improvement store and fifteen hundred dollars later, he had a Hresvelgr the size of a bedroom.

"Revenge never tasted so sweet." -Randomer, looking at his Hresvelgr.

They first discarded of the name "Hresvelgr". They said that "the name was too hard to pronounce from reading it, and that we should really call it what it was." As if it really was. They decided to keep the aircraft's design, since they were too lazy to create a new one. It seems that the only modification was a Shock-cannon-sized speaker on the bottom of the aircraft that played Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkryies". Upon the first minute of the piece, napalm would drop. Budget was tight, so the randomer dropped matches and told the victims (namely insurgent guerillas) to "pretend it was napalm."

They then decided to terrorize Dismark with the plane before heading to Mt. Schirm. However, they spent so much money in the speaker that fuel was not acquired.

Once they got their next paycheck, fuel was bought. They took off using their street, managed to get three feet off of the ground, and fell down into a cornfield.

The next day, the plane took back up, and climbed to 40,000. As it turned out, the randomer had chosen his vengance day on the same day that training exercises would be held in his area.

Even more so ironically, the Big plane was downed by a flurry of QAAM's. The randomer was reported to be yelling "blaze of glory" into the radios and then turned on the music as the plane plummeted to the ground. The randomer bailed out and landed on a former Lt. Col.-turned surfer's surfboard. In a cartoonish accident, the pilotless XB-1 fell near a desert.

A coyote was stalking a roadrunner when the XB-1 fell on him. The roadrunner came by and mockingly 'beeped' at the coyote. The coyote then held up a sign that said, "When Acme sends me that Falken, you're dead."

Design and specifications[]

  • Crew- 1
  • Specifications- Square by flat
  • Weight- If we tried to weigh it, it'd cover the scale so we wouldn't see the NUMBERS!
  • Range- Quite possibly the mouth of the Mekong, provided a good wi-fi connection onboard
  • Speed- Didn't have money for an airspeed indicator
  • Service ceiling- Ceiling, rumored to be 40,00"
  • Weapons- Ride of the Valkyries, "napalm"
  • Avionics- A COMPAQ computer hooked up to a mouse running in a wheel
  • Powerplant- Sortie fuel
  • Spility- All of them