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The XB-375 Flying Battleship is an Osean superweapon project that started in 2007 and ended in 2014.


The XB-375 is yet another superweapon project developed by the Kesco Aircraft Division for the Osean DOD (Department of Defense). The DOD called for a large heavily armed aircraft designed to defend the country from invasion. Some features of this project were:

  • The ability to take heavy damage and remain airborne
  • Powered by nuclear reactor.
  • The ability to dish-out a lot of damage
  • The ability to hold Nuclear weapons
  • Top speed of 400 MPH
  • AA missle and gun turrets
  • Much more................

In 2007 the first Flying Battleship rolled off the assembly line. This impressive aircraft was dubbed " Vulture". the aircraft first flew in 2009. Because of its Massive size it couldnt take off from conventional runways, instead it takes off from the water, Making it a Flying Boat. There would be a total of 10 aircraft with 4 for export to various countries.

Design Details[]

The Aircraft's design is centered around a large bulky fuselage with several 30mm and 120mm turrets. The fuselage also has several Stinger and Javalin missle turrets. The trailing edge of each wing has several 20mm gatling turrets used to destroy aircraft and missles. The Aircraft has a large 500 ft wingspan with downward turned wingtips for shorter takeoff distance. The aircrafts tail is nearly 100 ft tall. It has a large internal bomb bay capable of holding large amounts of bombs. It also has landing pads for 4 VTOL aircraft.


The aircrafts combat record is quite successful. During the Osean Continental War it succeded in destroying many Belkan Tank Divisions. The aircrafts heavy weaponry and armor coupled with Its speed allowed it to deliver large amounts of firepower to battlefields quickly. Its heavy defenses allow it to defend itself against many fighter jets. In fact the only time any aircraft of this class was shot down was at the Battle Of Dinsmark where Erik Felsen managed to criticly damage two of these aircraft and cause them to impact the ground. The resulting crash caused a large amount of radiation to leek from the nuclear reactor and irradiate the battlefield.


There are Three variants of the aircraft:

  • XB-375A Flying Battleship: A variant for the Aurealian Air Force, Baisicly the Same as the XB-375.- 2 delivered
  • XB-375U Flying Battleship: A variant for the Ustio Air Force, Baisicly the Same as the XB-375.- 2 delivered

XSB-3750 Space Battleship[]

This version, the XSB-3750 Space Battleship is a highly modified version of the original aircraft. The wings were extended to 850 ft total wingspan the height was extended to 250 ft with a T-tail and the length of the aircraft was extended to 900 ft. There were 5 more nuclear engines added to the airframe, allowing it to leave the atmosphere. These improved engines also gave it a much higher speed of 700 mph. Its weapons now all fire rounds with heat shields allowing them to enter the atmosphere. The Aircraft also got 10 PBC turrets to fire through the atmosphere. The Aircraft also has the ability to launch the F/A-167 Polaris aerospace superiority fighter. The aircraft would Fly above the atmosphere and assault any location on earth. All XB-375s were upgraded to this class in 2029. This aircraft gave Osea a huge stategic advantage.

Aircraft in Class[]

  • Vulture (OADF)
  • Scorpion (OADF)
  • Pegasus (OADF)(Destroyed)
  • Mongle (OADF)
  • Hellbringer (OADF)
  • Invincible (OADF)(Destroyed)
  • Grim Reaper (AAF)
  • Monster (AAF)
  • Defender (UAF)
  • Protector (UAF)


  • 62nd Bombardment Squadron "Spartans" (XB-375)(O.A.D.F)
  • 79th Bombardment Squadron(XB-375A)(A.A.F)
  • 123rd Bombardment Squadron(XB-375U)(U.A.F)
  • 1st Orbital Bombardment Squadron(XSB-3750)(O.A.D.F)


Stats (XB-375)

  • Speed: 15
  • Mobility: 5
  • Stability: 100
  • Defense: 100
  • Air to Air: 40
  • Air to Ground: 100

Performance (XB-375)[]

  • Top Speed: 450 MPH
  • Powerplant: 16 Nuclear powered Jet engines
  • Range : Infinite
  • Service Ceiling: CLASSIFIED
  • Specifications: Length: 600 ft, Height: 150 ft, Wingspan: 500 ft
  • Armament: 30x 30mm cannon, 12x 120mm cannon, 14x Stinger missile turret, 14x Javelin missile turret, 12x GAU-25 'Equalizer' 25mm Cannon, 400x 2000 lb bombs, 20x Nuclear missle silo.


  • Ironically, the Invincible was one of the two destroyed.