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"Y'ever see Gryphus walking around? Didn't think so. Rumor has it "he's" an AI."
—I.S.A.F pilot Medusa on Gryphus and his XF-14G, June 12th, 2032.

The XF-14G Bobcat, also known as the F-14G Tomcat II, is a 4.5th generation multirole aircraft, and the ultimate evolution of the F-14 family of aircraft


Being a variant of the F-14, one of the most distinctive features of the XF-14G are its variable-sweep wings, or "Swing-Wings". Aside from these, however, nose-mounted canards have been added to the craft, to give heightened maneuverability, and the vertical stabilizers are angled, much like those of an F-22 or F-35, to reduce radar cross-section, and give an element of stealth. However, the most noticeable change compared to the F-14 is the inclusion of the Electro-Neuron Flight Interface System, or ENFIS, in place of a standard cockpit.

Developmental History[]


In the Strangereal continuity, the EASA XF-14G stems from the Erusian Joint Strike Fighter program of 1999, along with the X-32 and X-35. While the COFFIN-equipped XF-14G would be rejected by the KEAF in favor of the X-35, the Erusian Aero Space Administration nonetheless sought a military buyer for the craft. In early 2000, the Yuktobanian Air Force placed an order for 25 aircraft, which were delivered in early 2002. The Yukes, impressed with the craft, placed a second order of ten additional fighters, which was delivered in mid-2003, around the outbreak of the Second Usean Continental War.

HADES: Air Combat[]

In the HADES: Air Combat continuity, the Northrop-Lockheed XF-14G was converted from an F-14D Super Tomcat for the Independent States Air Force Blitz Wing's Ace, callsign Gryphus. As part of the conversion, the two-seater cockpit was replaced by a single-seat ENFIS (Electro-Neuron Flight Interface System) cockpit. Front canards were added, and the engines were given a degree of 2D thrust-vectoring. In addition, two stabilizing fins were added to the bottoms of the engine intakes, the rear elevators were angled slightly downwards, and the vertical stabilizers were angled, to help reduce the craft's radar cross-section.

Combat History[]


The Yuktobanian Air Force utilized several squadrons of XF-14G's during the Yuktobani-Emmerian War. Exactly how many, however, is unknown.

HADES: Air Combat[]

The sole Northrop-Lockheed XF-14G prototype, nicknamed "Cipher Key", is utilized by the Independent States Air Force pilot Gryphus. The pilot is never seen out of the craft, which has led to rumors that Gryphus is actually a cover for an advanced AI program, though this claim has not been proven nor disproved.

Ace Squadrons/Pilots[]

At least three Yuktobani squadrons (Thunder of Vengeance)

Independent States Air Force 14th Air Self-Defense Squadron "Blitz Wing" (HADES: Air Combat)

  • Blitz Wing 5 (Gryphus)


General Characteristics[]

  • Crew: 1 (Pilot)
  • Length: 62ft 10in
  • Wingspan:
    • Spread: 64 ft
    • Swept: 38 ft
  • Height: 16 ft


  • Gun: 2x M61A2 Vulcan
  • Missiles: 4x AIM-7 Sparrow

Sp. Weapons[]

  • XMAA
  • 4PGB
  • QAAM
  • ECM Pod