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General Description[]

A state-of-the-art improvement derived from technology analization of the Fenrir, Falken, Nightraven and Aurora. Employing a variety of weapons all designed to cause massive damage, and can act as defensive or offensive weapons. Can use AUE to travel at ridiculous speeds topping mach 39. Can operate in outer space as an orbital defense system where it would reach speeds equalling mach 76. It also featured an ultra-modified COFFIN system that could be operated from within the aircraft or from anywhere on the globe. It was specifically made from insidium, its armor was far better than that of any other plane. It also employed VTOL and STOL in case of extra weight. Has never been seen, thus the appearance is unknown. After the war, 5 XF-159s were built exclusively for Gryphon squadron.

Weapons Arsenal[]

  • 1x NSMLC(Nuclear Space Mine Lanch Capsule)(up to 18 mines per capsule)
  • 1x OLS(Orbital Laser System)(can fire up to 45 shots before resupplying)
  • 16x SWBM(Shockwave Ballsitic Misisile)(operable both orbitally and sub-orbitally)
  • 5x TAM(Total Annihilation Missile)(one missile can wipe out Osea,Aurelia,and Yuktobania combined)
  • 5x Onboard Super Falkens
  • 1x TOC(Total Optical Camouflage) generator
  • 2x ATDS(Anti-Threat Defense System0
  • 1x Radar jammer(1000 mile radius)
  • 1x AAPL(Anti-Aircraft Pulse Laser)​
  • 1x UJ(jammer capable of sending out an EMP shockwave that can completely disable any device or aircraft)
  • 1x TLS(only difference is that this one is fully guided)(300 shots each lasting 30 seconds)
  • 1x MP(High radiation microwaves that kill any biological being in its path)
  • 10x IEG(insidium energy generators)
  • 1x EDI(artificially intelligent drone possessing maximum sortie efficiency)









In the year 2079, the world had witnessed many changes, with Belka finally overpowering Osea and the world was at the dawn of a new era. To combat the increasing threat of Belkan occupation, Erusia and Aurelia united to develop a single plane that could change the tide of war forever. And so, with a deadline of 10 years and unlimited governmental funds, the XF-159 was born, and indeed, it changed the tide of war and was incarnated as the most powerful aircraft to ever witness flight. Its maiden voyage took place on April 24th, 2079 and with results off the charts, the XF-159 was immediately enlisted in the Erusian and the Aurelian militaries. Since the cost of a single aircraft was immensely high(over $1600 billion), only two were ever produced(though another 5 were later produced) and the best two pilots were chosen. There names were never released to the public, though a brief document containing the name "Trinitiad" was publicized. This was further explained 10 years later, when Erusia and Aurelia announced the formation of Gryphon squadron, that consisted of the 5 best pilots of the past wars from the year 1990 to the year 2080.


Length: 200ft

Wingspan: 160ft

Weight(unloaded): 200 tonnes

Weight(loaded): 250 tonnes

Max takeoff weight: 300 tonnes

Engine technology: Latest AUE technology

Created and Edited by Trinitiad