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The XF-17A Viper (alternatively known as Victory Viper) is an experimental swing-wing aircraft built by the company Anubis System Works.



The "Viper Program" (as it was christened by its developers) was first born in the year 2018 when the Independent State Allied Forces initiated the "Mobius Strategical Defense Plan" (named such in honor of legendary ISAF ace Mobius One), a military restructuration plan born as a result of the North Usea Rebellion, a military insurgence led by Erusean & Ugellas commanders that lasted from April to August.

Contstruction & Testing[]

This particular project was entrusted to the newly created North Point-born Anubis System Works group.

Technology Overview[]

The Viper demonstrates a wide range of technological advances, concerning both COFFIN and its variable geometry wings.Concerning the COFFIN system,the pilot can now control the plane via COFFIN either manually or remotely,with a range exceeding 3000 miles.As for its wings,they can now fold inside the aircraft in a special bay to allow its modified AUE(Antimatter Utilization Engines)to play their part,allowing the aircraft to cruise at speeds rivaling those of the Falken.There have also been minor changes to armor and stability,allowing the Viper to with withstand (amazingly) a direct hit from a LSWM and fly at speeds less than 50 knots without stalling.This amazing leap can only be described as an outstanding achievment way ahead of its time.

A comparison between the viper and its predecessor
aircraft armor stability
viper 100+ approximately 115
alternative 88 93