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The XF-22C Raptor II was a prototype for the F-22C Raptor II upgrade that would see combat in 2045. Unlike its sucessor, however, the XF-22C is designed to fly and fight in space.

Development and Emergency Deployment[]

In 2019, the Erusian Civil War was well under way, and Neucom is being pushed back despite having advanced fighters such as the XR-45 Cariburn and the MiG-31R Foxhound-C. Because of this, Neucom purchased several F-22A Raptors from the GRDF and modified them with Version 2.0 COFFIN systems, advanced avionics, upgraded engines, an F-15 style airbrake, and a 'tail stinger' reminiscent of that on the Su-27 Flanker series. These would later become the production model F-22C Raptor II, but some of them were modified even further with the addition of Scramjets, heat resistant composites, a lift fan, advanced thrusters and a unique pulse laser cannon in place of the usual M-61A2 Vulcan cannon. Only one of which was confirmed to see combat, being flown by a Neucom ace only known as 'Lightning' against the space dreadnought EASS Jormungandr. The Jormungandr was sucessfully destroyed by the pilot, but the XF-22C had taken critical damage from the explosion. The control systems failed and the fighter fell into the atmosphere, later breaking up into many pieces, leading to the death of the pilot as well as the end of the Erusian Civil War. The aircraft has never been seen since the Erusian Civil War, and will most likely never be seen again, but it is believed that some of its control systems might have been incorporated into the X-45 Night Raven and UI-4505 Aurora.


There is a rumor that the aircraft piloted by Aidan Johnson (The Puppetmaster) provided partial inspiration for the design of the XF-22C.

Aces/Ace Squadrons[]

  • Lightning (NADF/AC8)


Speed: 100

Mobility: 100

Stability: 70

Defense: 80

Air to Air: 100

Air to Ground: 80


  • Pulse Laser Cannon
  • AIM-9M Sidewinder x 90

Sp Weapons[]

  • XLAA x 24 (AC8)
  • QAAM x 30 (AC8)
  • GPB x 20 (AC8)