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The XF-250 Erebus is a Osean Superfighter that was first concived in 2020 and first flew in 2037. Many details of the plane are still classified above top secret, What details that are known were taken from enemy pilots who encountered this deadly aircraft, and de-classified documents. Around 2020 the Osean DOD called for a new super fighter to replace the venerable F/A-40 Crow. This aircrafts features including (but not limited to):

  • New Electro-Magnetic Engine
  • Powerful weaponry
  • Ultra High Performance
  • COFFIN System
  • Super Stealth (Very Low RCS, Very Low Heat Signiture, Very Low Sound)

Kesco's esteemed Aircraft Division won the contract again, and their prototype flew in 2037. The aircrafts performance was astonishing, but because of the high price only two were ordered. The two aircraft were delivered to the 2345th TFS " Sandstone" in 2040 .


Very little is known about this aircrafts combat records, Because so few people who have encountered it have lived to tell about it. One belkan pilots account states, " We were flying a patrol sortie, when out of no where two large red fighter aircraft attacked us, Before I knew it there was a flash of light and i was parachuting to the ground, thats all I remember". The known weapons for this aircraft are the Inproved Particle Beam Cannon, The Thermoberic Hypervelocity Missile, and the Flash Wave Pulse Laser. All three of these weapons are known to be extemely deadly, and the Sandstone squadron only made the plane much deadlier. The plane has been known to appear at every major Battle in the war. The fate of the aircraft is Unknown.

Ace Squadrons[]

  • Sandstone (ACX3)(Osea)


Stats (XF-250)[]

  • Speed: 100
  • Mobility: 100
  • Stability: 78
  • Defense: 82
  • Air to Air: 100
  • Air to Ground: 90

Performance (XF-250)[]

  • Top Speed: Atmosphere: Mach 5.0, Space: CLASSIFIED
  • Powerplant: 2x EME
  • Specifications: CLASSIFIED
  • Armament: 1x GAU-25 'Equalizer' 25mm Cannon, 4x AIM-9z Sidewinder (90 Missiles in game), 1x IPBC (20 shots in game), 4x THVM(10 Shots in game), FWPL (33 Shots in Game)

Special Weapons[]

  • Improved Particle Beam Cannon
  • Thermoberic Hyper Velocity Missile
  • Flash Wave Pulse Laser


  • It is vacuum-hardened and can acheive space flight.
  • Erebus is the name of the greek god of darkness and shadows.