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"I laugh at the sight of an upside-backwards rotor flight."

Well the Failsprey has only one working rotarblade so it just flies upsidedown-backwards in a circle, then it stalls, then falls, then crashes. And when you fire its Vulcan it fires forwards and backwards at the same time so yeah.


A Retarded Vulcan Cannon which some how ignores the laws of relativity and shoots forwards and backwards in time and space at the same time....

Attempts were made to mount missiles to it but mistakes were made, popcorn was burnt, vodka was spilled and data was lost. Of course they would most likely fire upwards and back down on the aircraft itself, maybe an IR seeker head glitch or the fact it was just plain retarded.


  • Speed: What speed?
  • Mobility: Does crashing count?
  • Defense: Not much.
  • Stability: What stability?
  • Air-to-Air: E=MC2...
  • Air-to-Ground: It lands on top of them.
  • Spility: No, I don't know what this means either.
  • Climbing Rate: Erm... is this used anymore? (Better yet, does it even apply in this case?)
  • LOL Factor: Holy $#&^! I just divided by zero!!! -falls into a black hole and destroys reality- <--Son of a bitch you had to do that!? Reset my r3ality!


They are ether dead or in prison...