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XWTF-21 Flying Noob[]

The XWTF-21 Flying Noob was a plane built to train new recruits and to be used in war by the nuggets(noob pilots). It was also used by them in the 12 Day 16 Minute Oran War. It's action was very short due to the shortness of the war and the threat of the Supa Wave Toaster Ovens. The Flying Noob was very powerful, it had...

  • Two TLS( Tatical LOL Systems)
  • Four V2 Hookers
  • Over 9000 missiles
  • Three Auxilary LOLCats

It had VTOL capabilites and was small enough to fly in small areas, like houses and offices, to destroy abusive parents,evil demonic children, idiotic bosses and annoying employees. Unfortunately that got its pilots into some legal trouble so they began using it to transport cargo, which sadly failed, as the Flying Noob is apparentally too weak and slow to carry cargo.

It went on to perform and fail at many different roles, and eventually after the war 2 of the aircraft were sent to the National Epic Fail Museum in Oured,Osea , and the other 3 surviving aircraft were sold to the Belkans, who used them to invade Osea and get revenge for the 3rd time. They failed as they were quickly shot down by Osean kids armed with foam dart guns.

A replica Flying Noob was later made to predict the World Cup matches. It always said Sapin would win and Belka would lose, as it only flew when fueled with Sapin fuel. It later crashed and Paul the Octopus took its place.

One of its pilots once said "Who came up with this piece of shit!!! Must of been some Belkan on crystal meth!!!" he said this as he plunged into the ground and died.