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The YF-31 is a prototype fighter developed by Chimera Technologies Ltd in the year 2046. Unlike the Geopelia and Night Raven the Muramasa has a more conventional design, those who have seen or worked on the aircraft say it is a cross between the Su-37 Super Flanker and F-14G Ultra Tomcat. The company has only completed ten of these aircraft to date, Six of them remain at the CT ltd. facilites.

Development 2036-2044[]

The aircraft was developed shortly after the M3F-2 and M3FU Kurisagama fighter was placed in production. Though the YF-31 at first was to be an improved M3. The development team departed from the original design and began work on an original fighter design; one that would match or exceed the older XFA-27 in terms of maneuverability, weaponry, flight controls, interface and engines. Though a rather lofty goal for the development team, the project went forward.

In 2044 the first four prototypes had taken flight, after almost eight years after the project began. CT after the first successful flight of the YF-31 was swamped by offers from the Osean Federation, Aurelia, and General Resources Limited (This offer was blocked by the Aurelian Government and CT ltd.), and an unknown buyer who had purchased two of the four aircraft. The remaining Six that were produced were shelved and reserved for weapons testing and flight systems. They were also hidden from the public eye and the project was even denied by Aurelian Government in 2045.

In 2048 with the threat of conflict looming CT Ltd. began to produce aircraft once more, for the allies and the enemy. A controversial purchase of F-16G-2 Lance Falcons by the Belkan Waldreich placed the company under strong surveilance by the Neo-UN, Aurelian Government, and UPEO (Although it was later confirmed that this was actually a sale to Annea but the shipment was intercepted and stolen by Belkan Special Forces, the rest being siezed from the GRDF, who also purchased many of them). The YF-31 was kept under wraps and with very few made, it is unknown what role it will have in future conflict if any.


Type: Prototype Superfighter

Engine: Two CT Ltd. RP-K 22 Afterburning turbofan, Specific thrust classified.

Weapons: Provision for x1 27mm MCS (Modular Caseless Cannon), AIM-9Z Sidewinder Short Range AAM (Mssl), AIM-145 Hydra Long Range AAM (XLAA), x2 HA Arms 14.5mm Chain Guns in underwing pods, GDM-90 Multi Purpose Multiple Warhead Missile. (MPMWM), and AGM-150 Multiple Warhead Air to Ground Missile (MWAGM).

Service Ceiling: Classified

Top Speed: Uknown Belived to be High Supersonic Range Mach 3-3.7

Combat Radius (Range): 2,500 miles (With Droptanks) 1,750 without.


Speed: 90

Mobility: 95

Defense: 75

Air to Air: 100

Air to Ground: 65