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Yuktobanian Socialist Workers Party

Yuktobanianski Sotsialisticheskaya Rabochaya Partiya


Mihkhail Graninov


Workers of the world, Forward! (1991-1998)

YSRP, Forward! (1998-1999)

For a better and fairer world, For a new internationalism and a new culture of solidarity.(2000- )


3 February 1991


Democratic Socialism,

21st Century Socialism

Political Position


International Affiliation

International Socialist Association (ISA)

Continental Affiliation

Verusan League for Socialism

Preceded by

Communist Party of Yuktobanian Republics (CPYR/KPYR)

YSWP or Yuktobanian Socialist Workers Party (Yuktobanianski Sotsialisticheskaya Rabochaya Partiya ЮСРП) is the only

Yuktobanian Socialist Worker's Party - Copy

Yuktobanian Workers Party Flag

and ruling political party in Union of Yuktobanian Republics.YSWP is the biggest socialist party in the world. YSWP is based on the principle of fairness, equality, freedom, and a new culture of solidarity. The party also emphasize on International cooperations among socialist parties around the world. The party called these principles as "New Approach Socialism or 21st Century Socialism"


In 1982, Yuktobania experienced major setbacks due to economic stagnation and the failure of economic planning by the communist government and the nation’s budget which was overly focused on military spending rather than on social welfares and economic development. Dissastified with their government, Thousands of Yuktobanian citizens flooded the streets of Cinigrad and major cities in Yuktobanian Republics demanding reform on political institutions, and economic planning. After 2 months of protests, Prime Minister Vladislav Maishov signed a policy which allowed opposing political organization to be established within the Communist Party of Yuktobanian Republics/CPYR. YSWP (previously known as Socialist Workers Faction) was the opposition faction within the CPYR. Since then YSWP has drafted many new policies and answered the social and political problems within Yuktobania this success brought the political spotlight onto the party. In 1991, Yuktobania held the biggest referendum in the history in form of general election. Around 90% of Yuktobanian populations and more than 80% of Party officials demanded YSWP to be the successor of CPYR, this transition came into reality in 1992 when the chairman of YSWP, Mikhail Graninov became the Prime Minister of Union of Yuktobanian Republics. At the same time one of early supporters of YSWP, Seryozha Victorovich Nikanorov became the deputy minister of foreign affairs and introduced the International cooperation doctrine.

"New Approach Socialism or The 21st Century Socialism"[]

YSWP emphasizes on fairness, freedom and new culture of solidarity, the party’s doctrine of “New Approach Socialism/21st century socialism” calls for a welfare state where all citizens are equal, the social distance between rich and poor is narrow, and individual rights are guaranteed. the well-being of the citizens is the responsibility of the state, and citizens should also be responsible for the effectiveness of the state.